Biography of Venerable Montse Grases

Montserrat Grases was born in Barcelona on July 10, 1941. Montse, as she was known by everyone, had 8 siblings. Her parents sought to create a family climate in which sincere faith was fostered, with great respect for the children’s freedom.


After graduating from high school, she continued her studies at the Barcelona Women’s Professional School.

In 1957 she felt that the Lord was calling her to follow a way of sanctification in ordinary life in Opus Dei; so after seeking appropriate counsel, she asked for admission to Opus Dei as a numerary.

In her struggle to reach holiness, Montse always stood out for her love for the Sacred Humanity of Christ, her Eucharistic piety, her devotion to the Blessed Virgin, her deep humility and her effort to serve others. She knew how to find God in the loving fulfillment of her work and study duties, in the small things of each day.

In June of 1958, she was diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg. The cancer caused intense pain, which she bore with serenity and with heroic fortitude. Throughout her illness, she never lost her infectious cheerfulness or her capacity for friendship, which sprang from her deep interior life and zeal for souls. As a result, she continued bringing many friends and schoolmates closer to God during her illness. She died on Holy Thursday, March 26, 1959.

Her cause of canonization was opened in Barcelona in 1962. In 1992, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints issued a decree of validity for her process.