Thank you, Blessed Alvaro

Thank you, Blessed Alvaro

Dozens of personal stories about people from all over the world who attended the events for Alvaro del Portillo's beatification in Madrid and Rome....

Priestly Soul – Soul of Christ

Priestly Soul – Soul of Christ

All men and women should have a priestly soul, and are called to share intimately in the sentiments of Christ's Heart. This teaching of Saint...

Appointments of an Auxiliary Vicar and a new Vicar General

Appointments of an Auxiliary Vicar and a new Vicar General

The Prelate of Opus Dei has appointed an Auxiliary Vicar, Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz, and a new Vicar General, Msgr. Mariano Fazio.

An African Smile - Don Alvaro and Nigeria

Whatever my son Alvaro asked Bishop Alvaro, he got!

Mary Agbu has 9 children. She was expecting her first child Alvaro when Bishop Alvaro del Portillo came to Nigeria in 1989. She remembers vividly advice the prelate gave her and her husband for the formation of their children. She tells of some special favors received through the intercession of Alvaro del Portillo.

Don Alvaro helped my son return to God

Florence Ibekwe works in the poultry unit of the Iroto Rural Development Centre, Ogun State Nigeria. Here she tells of a favor she received thanks to the intercession of the soon-to-be-blessed Alvaro del Portillo

Message of the day

"A continual miracle"

"God's ordinary providence is a continual miracle; but He will use extraordinary means when they are required." (The Forge 658)

As well as having given you abundant and effective grace, the Lord has given you a brain, a pair of hands and intellectual powers so that your talents may yield fruit.

God wants to work miracles all the time -- to raise the dead, make the deaf hear, restore sight to the blind, enable the lame to walk... -- through your sanctified professional work, which you will have turned into a holocaust that is both pleasing to God and useful to souls. (The Forge 984)

We lack faith. The day...

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